It’s been a while now since I’ve posted, so here is, in pictures, a brief summery of life at the outfitters since my last post.

We went on a nice trip to The Pikes with my parents

We bought a small Newfoundland puppy, Ruby

Who turned into this, not little but still very much a puppy

We took a couple of nice winter trips

In early summer we paddled through the frost river area

The summer was very busy.  We were able to get out on day trips, but had to live vicariously through outfitting clients for any overnight tripping


In the Fall, we could finally get away and paddled the Steel River Loop in Ontario

We’ve had a good winter with good skiing, low, but enough snow, and very few pictures taken (or they would be in the blog). 

Within the next year or so I plan on posting on this blog again.