The season is in full swing at Bearskin, and outfitting is finally a real live business.  We have trips reserved, and are renting our Kevlars out at a much higher rate then I had imagined we would.  High-end canoes and equipment for rent has meshed well with our lodging business, and while it is still very early, we are optimistic about the outfitting addition to the business. 

For Kate and me, it had been awhile since we had been out on a trip of any sort.  Taking advantage of a couple of days with no plans, we decided to do a quick overnight down the Granite River, starting at Gunflint and ending at Seagull. 

We brought a roylex boat and tried to avoid as many portages as possible, exploring some of the less traveled sections of the river.  The water is still very low, and large sections of the river were impassable.  

I had not been on the Granite River in two years, and it was fun to see how it is recovering from the burn.  While the landscape is still completely changed, the area is now full of green. 

Below Little Rock Falls

The Portage into Clove

Lining down some rifles. The downed tree made this un-runnable

We didn’t run into many other people on the river, outside of a large group of hunyucks gathered at Sag falls (large group as in 20+).  We had a beautiful site on Sag, and made a surprisingly successful attempt at baking muffins. 

Site on Sag

Tent pad on Sag

Sucsessful Muffins

Friday morning was calm and overcast, with dark skies ahead that foretold a heavy rain.  As we approached the Seagull River it began to pour.  We stayed fairly dry, and took advantage of a brief pause in the rain to eat lunch near Trail’s End Campground.  We finished the trip on Seagull Lake and pulled the canoe up onto the dock of Andy’s house, a fellow Bearskin employee.  We shuttled cars and gear back and forth and finally ended up back at Bearskin to warm up and dry off.

All wet at Trails End