Canoe outfitting at Bearskin is starting to seem like a reality.  Our first gear is starting to come in and it’s been very exciting.  Already we’ve had tents set up (indoors), sleeping pads unrolled, and sleeping bags laid in.  Everything looks good so far.  The website is very close, only requiring some proof reading and spell checking.  This is sure to be a tedious job, since they’ve never made a spell check I couldn’t stump, and I am thankful that there are better writers than I at Bearskin.  Until the website is up, I invite anyone with questions to call Bearskin, and let us help you in anyway we can.

It’s been a mild winter on the Gunflint, and we’ve had a lot of opportunities to get out and enjoy the woods.  Sometimes it seems like we’ve had three months of March weather, and already we’ve had more sunny days than we did this past summer (that’s right, 3+ sunny days).  

I have from time to time taken some pictures when out and about.  Early in the winter we walked down Clearwater Lake, connected with the border route trail and ended up on Watap.  At this point we had very little snow, and snowshoes were more of a hindrance than help.

Looking down Clearwater Lake:

Cliffs on Watap:

A while later I took an overnight trip through Clearwater to West Pike.  The second day I took a look at Gogebic, and then returned through Caribou and back to Clearwater.  It was sunny and very warm for the winter the entire time, and wonderful to be outside.

Camp at West Pike:

Morning View:

Caribou on the way home:

More recently, Bob, Kate and I went out to Moss Lake and then Duncan to see if we could catch a fish or two.  We couldn’t.

Sled hauling in:

Kate, unable to contain her excitment:

Bob, not catching anything:

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get out a few more times this winter, although my thoughts are slowly turning to paddling with a (not in Minnesota) mid-March canoe trip looming.